Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Summary of part one pgs. 1-42

In the first forty pages of the book lucky by Alice Seabold, Alice a sophmore in highschool was walking home from a party when she was taken by man and brutaly raped and beaten several times in an abandoned tunnel under the movie theatre. She walks back to the dorm with blood everywhere and reports that she has been raped and needs help. First she get taken to the police station to make a sketch and tell a breif story of what happened. Then they take her to the hospital where she has a rape kit done and other tests to tell the doctors the truth of the story. Her friends stayed ther with her, epsecially Mary Alice. Mary Alice drove Alice back to the dorm where she waited till the next morning to call and tell her mother. When her mother picked her up they first, before going home, had to go the police station. At the police station Alice looked throuhg mug shots, to see if anyof them were her rapist, none of them were. Finally before she was on her way home she told her story for the affidavit.

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