Tuesday, November 27, 2007

week 3 part 2

Dear Journal.

I am reading a book called Lucky by Alice Sebold for my english class. So far in this book Alice is and 18 year old freshman at Syracuse University who was brutally raped and beaten at in abandoned theater. She thens re incounters her rapist at the campus and gets him convicted and arrested. My feelings so far are that i feel horrible about what happened to Alice but she is so strong to handle the rape the way she is. She is not leting the rape make the rest of her life miserable. So many girls get raped in the years of high school and college and Alice shows these girls that if you let rape control your life you will be miserable. I predict that that Greg will get set free because there isnt enough evidence against him. So Far i have really enjoyed this book

Week 3 part 1

So far in the book Alice has gone to college in Emerson. She jsut moved in with her new roomate Nancy whom she finds a pig. Later that night she decides to have all the girls on her floor go over who is a virgin or not. As the year goes on Mary Alice gets invite to many frat parties but after the rape Alice wants nothing to do with them so she goes to the art museum with Ken and Jake. One night at school she saw a man in a car that looked like her rapist. Alice was brought back to the police where they found Greg Madison who they arrested for the rape. Next day she went to trail with Greg.


Alice Sebold was born on September 6, 1962 in Madison, Wisconsin. She then grew up in Philadelphia where she wen to Great Valley Highschool. She then went to the Syracuse Universit, where she was brutally beaten and raped. Shen then after graduating from Syracuse Moved to Texas for Graduate School. And Grew up to Write three books Lucky, The Lovely Bones And The Almost Moon.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

2nd quarter outside reading book



# OF PAGES: 288

HOW IT IS HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL: this book is high school level because it is a teen novel and it has challenging voacbulary and good morals.

WHY: i choose this book because it relates to the sturggle of being a higschooler in high school.